The Oregon South Coast Fishermen Inc. (a non-profit club) invites you

to its monthly meetings where you can enjoy Fish Talk, Angling Demonstrations, Speakers on Fishing and Resource topics, Reports on Fishing and STEP work, Videos on Fishing subjects - and Raffle Fun.

You are welcome to join the club or simply come as a visitor

You may also join us on our many projects out on the rivers.


Meeting date is:
The third Wednesday of each month.

Meeting time is:
7:00 p.m.

Meeting place is:
Brookings Elks Lodge
5th St., Brookings

Dinner served at 6: 00 pm

Membership yearly dues are:

Junior (under 18) $ 5.00
Regular (and senior) $10.00
Family $15.00
Business $25.00

Donations help defray expenses of STEP

OSCF Inc. is a non-profit club and
tax deductible.

OSCF Aims:

Promote good SPORTSMANSHIP and FAIR PLAY among all users of the resource.

Cooperate with all State and Federal Resource Agencies as a STEP (Salmon-Trout Enhancement Program) organization in RESTORING -
SUSTAINING and PROTECTING the Salmon, Trout and Steelhead
resource and habitat.

Assist Law Enforcement Officers by reporting violations of fish and game regulations and vandalism of property.

Encourage Anglers to respect the rights of Property Owners.

Encourage and promote Youth
Organizations (Boy Scout, 4-H, etc.) in their conservation projects and
in their awareness of our fishery

OSCF Action:

As a STEP (Salmon-Trout Enhancement Program) organization approved by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, OSCF volunteers have:Constructed and operated hatch sites on the Chetco River for producing Chinook and Steelhead fry.

Planted Chinook and Steelhead fry in upper branches of the Chetco mainly in under-utilized habitat.

Enhanced spawning and rearing conditions in tributaries by habitat projects.

Improved angler access roads as a public service.

Assisted the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife with the capture of Chinook and Steelhead brood stock, in adaptation of the Jack Creek trap as an improved capture and feeding facility, in its fry-feeding program, and in stream fish surveys.

Placed aquariums in our local elementary school for hands-on fishery education for youngsters in our community.

Cooperated with land owners in an effort to keep access open to the public.

Cooperated with organizations like the Friends of North Coast Fish, Inc. and the Cal/Ore Enhancement Derby in a cooperative effort to enhance the salmon and steelhead resource in this area.

Our Pages:

Young fish identification

External Links:

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Virtual Reality: Pools of the Upper Chetco: (from OregonCoast.Net)

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Emergency South Coast Steelhead Regs

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Rogue River Information (via the Cole Rivers Hatchery.) (slow loading)


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