The Chetco Watershed Council works with diverse groups of citizens, public agencies, local land owners and businesses to manage and enhance the Chetco River Watershed. It is made up of people from these same groups.


This is the Council's home page.

The South Fork, just above its confluence with the main stem


It is under construction, however.

While we work on content, feel free to enjoy the pictures of our river.


Working Links:

Clickable Map of the Watershed

Current River Levels

Council Minutes

South Coast Fishermen's home page

ODFW Fish Research Newsletter

Virtual Reality: Pools of the Upper Chetco: (from OregonCoast.Net)

Recreation in the watershed:

Rogue Guides Directory

Wilderness Canyon Adventures


Links We're Working On:

The Chetco In Local Life

Watershed Issues

    Endangered Species Act Listings

    DEQ 303(d) List

Council Projects

    Jacks Creek

Council Contributors

This Month's Agenda


How To Help







A favorite rock, and swimming hole, near Little Redwood Campground.




Brookings/Harbor Chamber of Commerce

The Port of Brookings/ Harbor

Loeb Park















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